Wednesday, December 23, 2009

pages from my Happy Thoughts Book

"The secret of happiness is to make others believe they are the cause of it." - Al Batt
Many many many moons ago I used to keep this journal called my Happy Thoughts book. I was going thru a really odd transitional life experience at that time and just couldn't get out of the slump.  Becca suggested I write down all my happy thoughts in this journal and whenever I felt down and out I could just read it and maybe it'll help make things a bit better. I have since lost that Happy Thoughts book during my many moves around the city and northern suburbs. I have actually started a new one recently. Today I felt the need to post some up tho. Maybe it'll put a smile on your face, too. Oh yeah, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!

1. I remember one very cold winter when Becca and I were running to catch a bus (I think it was the Western bus too), we were running down a snow hill in a parking lot and Becca lost her footing and slid belly down the hill. She looked up at me and we both started laughing. We did catch the bus, but she was trying to brush off the snow and found a huge block of packed snow and ice inside her jacket. She threw it one the floor of the bus and we just busted out laughing.

2. One Halloween we celebrated Yaasha's birthday. Ryan and Jonah B. dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro. I called Rose to see what time they'd be ready to go and Ryan wanted to talk. He went into character and said to Rose in Napoleon speak, "Rose! I need to speak to Pedro." I'm guessing Jonah got on the phone and said, in Pedro speak, "Hola. This is Pedro. I'm still building a cake."

3. I went to visit Jay and Aive in Texas one summer. Aive was pregnant with Bailey at the time. The family wanted to send them some goodies with me so they gave me some hand-me-downs for Aive and some clothes for Jay. None of the clothes fit Aive at the time. Plus, they were so UUUUUUGLIEEEEE!!!!! Aive gave us a mini fashion show of the clothes that they gave her. Could not stop laughing.....

4. Vince, Becca, Tiffani, and I went to Bobby's house last year on Christmas Eve. Nino, Jen, Jonah L. and Miguel were there too. We played video games, ate, and drank. Then the boys opened up their gifts to each other. Bobby gave all of them the lovely gift of porn. Someone gave Bobby inflatable boxing gloves. We ended the night with porn on the tube and boxing matches.

5. In high school Jacky came over to my house one day during our lunch break and showed me how to cook hot dogs in the microwave without exploding.

6. When Laura was a baby the only thing that would make her stop crying is to take her to an old radio so she can push the buttons and make things get really loud. She smile sooo big with no teeth.

7. When Kathleen was little she got her head stuck in the banister of our cousins Gene, Ben, and Brian's house. We had to butter and oil her head to get it out while she screamed bloody murder the whole time.

8. Last winter I let Simon out. There was snow on the porch steps and all over the yard. First, he slips off the steps. Then, when he went to lift his leg up to pee, he back leg slips and he falls.Then, he goes and tries to poop and he front paws slip and he goes face down into the snow. Last, when coming up the stairs, he slips....again....

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