Tuesday, October 20, 2009

self esteem check

"Until you make peace with who you are, you'll never be content with what you have." - Doris Mortman

After a decent night's sleep I woke up this morning feeling better with everything. I feel as if I have a better outlook on some things. The problem that I've had lately is that I've been dwelling too much on stuff that I cannot change. For example, I can't change the situation that my Bec's or my Aunt's in. I don't have a cure for any cancer. I can't make my Wawa wake up one morning and start walking and talking again. I can't make some of my family members love me for who I am, not for what they want me to be. I just have to work on what I can do and find myself some happy again.

So, I started baking. I baked alot of good deliciousness. From cookies, to cupcakes, to brownies. I'll have to post pics of that stuff later. Quite tasty, might I add. I also started thinking of what I want to change in myself. That will have to take some more time, tho. There's a ton of stuff I want to do and work on to make myself a more happier person. Positivity is key, of course.

Anyway, here goes! More to come of course :)

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